If you print, you probably spend too much on printing. Regardless of the type of company, Argos will track everything your print environment can throw at it. An architecture firm with custom batch plotting tools? No problem. A law firm with advanced scan routing? Done. An advertising firm with color correction and proof prints? Argos can handle it. We give you the tools to bill your clients for every print cost without changing the way users print.

Architectural and engineering


Not only do we deeply understand small format printing, Argos reaches further and tackles the additional complexities of the large format world of the architectural and engineering industry. There are endless methods of submitting print and plot jobs to a large format printer and each presents its own challenge with tracking.


Argos works closely with the developers of industry leading manufacturers like Océ, Canon, Kip, HP and Ricoh to make sure the printing and cost recovery process with these complicated devices is seamless and simple.



Argos helps legal professionals track, reduce, and recover print and copy costs, painlessly. Without accurate systems in place to track these expenses and ensure that every job is allocated to the correct client accounts, your firm’s printing and copying activity are eating away at your bottom line.


We understand the importance of security and privacy in a legal office and we've created a "Secure Release" billing method that ensures you, and only you, can release a document from a printer, keeping it from prying eyes. We integrate with existing security proximity/swipe card system... Your employees already swipe their badge to open doors, why not have them use that to access MFPs or release print jobs?

Advertising agencies


Concepting, Big Ideas, Art Direction, copywriting and printing are vital elements to an advertising firm. You're constantly producing prints for drafts, for client approval, or for a final product. Someone's gotta pay for that and Argos knows how to track it, bill it, and recover that cost.


Ad agencies have complex print setups with high-end color devices, small format and large format printers, all in one space. Whether you run an all Windows platform or include Macs in the mix, we integrate with all of them, including RIP server technology like EFI and Creo commonly found in graphic heavy businesses.

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