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Track usage, reduce waste, and get reimbursed by clients for print and copy expenses – without slowing the pace of business. Argos print management software offers robust print and copy tracking with an unobtrusive, intuitive interface, tight accounting integration and slick reports.


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Meet the latest Argos release:

Argos 7.6.9 (released 9/2016)


  • New Integration: Track walkup scanning routed through Ricoh GlobalScan NX servers
  • New device groups created for new installations: Large Format, Do Not Track
  • Common Large Format devices automatically added to Large Format group and assigned to default square foot media
  • Common PDF writers automatically added to Do Not Track group
  • Asset tag field added to devices for enhanced reporting options
  • Color pricing enabled by default on default media types on new installations
  • Secure Release engine enabled by default in Argos Agent
  • Option to allow unauthenticated users to access HP Designjet/Pagewide panel for copying/scanning
  • Resolved issue with Canon OnBoard tracking
  • Improved Xerox OnBoard error logging capabilities
  • Resolved issue with Communication Service showing incorrect number of connections
  • Resolved issue in Argos Manager when attempting to delete an unsaved media



Argos 7.6.8 (released 7/2016)

  • HP adapter tracks by Print Categories
  • Pending jobs can be sorted by the device column
  • Default SQL query includes "WHERE IsAllocated = 1"
  • The Cancelled Jobs Report can be exported to a CSV
  • Default date selection in Reports/data filter will be "Billed" instead of "Tracked"
  • When upgrading, the original installation path is remembered instead of always reinstalling in c:\program files (x86)\sepialine
  • All components use .NET 4.6.0
  • Walkup Authentication for HP PageWide XL devices
  • Ships with SQL Express 2012 instead of 2008
  • Updates to Argos OnBoard for Ricoh user interface
  • Multi-tier Favorites/Recently used codes selection improvements
  • Resolved issue where Desktop Client reappears briefly after recording jobs or snoozing
  • Resolved Manager crash issue when SMTP is not properly configured
  • Support for updated KIP System K log format
  • Resolved issue with incomplete print spool files being processed for a long time
  • Manager search optimization
  • Resolved “Garbage Print” issue seen with some Global Print implementations
  • “No permissions” message in Manager updated to be more useful
  • “Database mismatch” message in Manager updated to be more useful
  • “License expired” message in Manager updated to be more useful


Note: If you are upgrading from a version earlier than 7.6.8, Microsoft .NET 4.6.0 is required for all server and desktop components. The installation of Microsoft .NET 4.6.0 may require a reboot of your system.


Read the Release Notes for more details.

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