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Track usage, reduce waste, and get reimbursed by clients for print and copy expenses – without slowing the pace of business. Argos print management software offers robust print and copy tracking with an unobtrusive, intuitive interface, tight accounting integration and slick reports.


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Meet the latest Argos release:


Argos 7.7.0 (released 11/2016)


Automatic print queue merging and settings

Data archiving

Redesign of print queue properties tab

New Secure Release tab in device properties

KIP System K scan tracking

Updates to Ricoh OnBoard client to support 10,000+ PIN codes

Support for latest Canon MFD models

Updates to Argos Secure Release

Updates to Deployment Center to support latest .NET version

Resolved issues tracking KIP color jobs

Updates to HP Large Format authentication

UI enhancements in Argos Manager


Argos 7.6.9 (released 9/2016)


New Integration: Track walkup scanning routed through Ricoh GlobalScan NX servers

New device groups created for new installations: Large Format, Do Not Track

Common Large Format devices automatically added to Large Format group and assigned to default square foot media

Common PDF writers automatically added to Do Not Track group

Asset tag field added to devices for enhanced reporting options

Color pricing enabled by default on default media types on new installations

Secure Release engine enabled by default in Argos Agent

Option to allow unauthenticated users to access HP Designjet/Pagewide panel for copying/scanning

Resolved issue with Canon OnBoard tracking

Improved Xerox OnBoard error logging capabilities

Resolved issue with Communication Service showing incorrect number of connections

Resolved issue in Argos Manager when attempting to delete an unsaved media



Argos 7.6.8 (released 7/2016)

  • HP adapter tracks by Print Categories
  • Pending jobs can be sorted by the device column
  • Default SQL query includes "WHERE IsAllocated = 1"
  • The Cancelled Jobs Report can be exported to a CSV
  • Default date selection in Reports/data filter will be "Billed" instead of "Tracked"
  • When upgrading, the original installation path is remembered instead of always reinstalling in c:\program files (x86)\sepialine
  • All components use .NET 4.6.0
  • Walkup Authentication for HP PageWide XL devices
  • Ships with SQL Express 2012 instead of 2008
  • Updates to Argos OnBoard for Ricoh user interface
  • Multi-tier Favorites/Recently used codes selection improvements
  • Resolved issue where Desktop Client reappears briefly after recording jobs or snoozing
  • Resolved Manager crash issue when SMTP is not properly configured
  • Support for updated KIP System K log format
  • Resolved issue with incomplete print spool files being processed for a long time
  • Manager search optimization
  • Resolved “Garbage Print” issue seen with some Global Print implementations
  • “No permissions” message in Manager updated to be more useful
  • “Database mismatch” message in Manager updated to be more useful
  • “License expired” message in Manager updated to be more useful


Note: If you are upgrading from a version earlier than 7.6.8, Microsoft .NET 4.6.0 is required for all server and desktop components. The installation of Microsoft .NET 4.6.0 may require a reboot of your system.


Read the Release Notes for more details.

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