• K. Varney

Argos 8 is Here!

Printing environments are changing rapidly. As we approach 2020, we know you want your solutions portfolio to meet your clients’ needs. At Sepialine, we are constantly listening to feedback from resellers and end users to understand where printing trends are heading and how we can help AEC companies increase profitability. For you, this means it’s even easier to place new printers and sell solutions.

Argos 8 Heads to the Future

You’ve likely been hearing about serverless printing environments, cloud printing, and more from your customers. So have we.

  • Argos 8 runs with or without a print server, even alongside enterprise management tools like PrinterLogic

  • The newest Cloud ERP systems and printer models (plotters, MFPs, and production) are all supported in Argos 8

  • Print Release is now front and center in Argos 8, making it simple to keep printing secure and reduce print waste

Find Out What's New

Get in touch to sign up for an Argos demo. We’ll take you through the latest version, highlight key selling points, and can even get you personalized marketing collateral to showcase Argos as part of your solutions portfolio.