• K. Varney

Expand Your Argos Offering with Deltek Ajera Cloud

If you have AEC customers, they probably use a Deltek product for their accounting software/ERP. Deltek is actively converting customers to their new cloud-based ERP, Ajera, which Argos 8 now supports. So, it’s the perfect time to get in touch with your Argos customers and let them know you can help them upgrade to the cloud.

Stay Ahead of Your Customers' Technology

Argos’ compatibility with Ajera Cloud is a great reason to show your customers that you’re a proactive solutions provider that understands their AEC accounting needs.

  • Argos and Ajera Cloud sync project data to ensure that users record valid billing info every time.

  • After users bill print and copy costs with Argos, that data is sent to Ajera Cloud for review by accounting.

  • Once approved, invoices are generated and ready to be issued.

Be a Solutions Provider

Approach your prospects with confidence that the print and copy tracking solution you provide is the best in the industry. Argos integrates with a number of ERP systems including Deltek Vision, BST, and Oracle. Let us know if you need talking points on Argos, ERPs, or anything else and we’ll get you what you need.