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Don’t Rely on Your Customers for Tech Support

Run the Best Service Department with Printerpoint Connect

You may love your customers but you wouldn’t hire them as your tech support. And I am not sure they’d want the job.

When you take them out of the loop, things just go better for everyone – especially with service issues.

Securely Access Your Printers From Anywhere

Printerpoint Connect is a secure, simple way to remotely view the web page of a printer at your customer’s site. It’s just like you’re there in person. You can remotely handle service issues, update firmware, configure settings, and more.

Work Smarter with Connect

Got a call from a customer? Double-check it before you call them back. Head to the Service page in Printerpoint for any alerts, and better yet, check your printers remotely with Printerpoint Connect.

Have any questions about Connect? Want to try it yourself?

Let us know. We’ll help you get everything set up.


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