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Printerpoint Now Supports Waste Containers (aka Maintenance Cartridges)

Check Waste-ink Levels in Printerpoint

No matter what you call it (because different manufacturers call it different things):

  • waste containers

  • waste toner bottles

  • cleaning containers

  • maintenance cartridges

  • maintenance tanks… you get the idea

…when it’s time to send a replacement to your customer, Printerpoint will automatically add it to supply orders for many large and small format printers.


Exactly When Your Customers Need It 

Get a heads up before printing stops because of a full waste container. Check current levels on the Printer Details page or through Printerpoint Connect. When the container fills to 90% capacity, Printerpoint adds it to a new supply order for you.

Integrations Do the Work for You

Whether you use e-automate or another system for supply fulfillment, waste container orders can flow right into your ERP for easy fulfillment and invoicing. Just like your regular supply orders, let Printerpoint track inventory, build orders, and get that data into your ERP. 


If you have any questions, we’re always here to help.


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