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Printerpoint Connect: Fix service issues from anywhere

With the same amount of effort it took you to open this, you (or someone on your staff) could resolve your printer’s service issues.

No need to dispatch techs. No site visits. No lost profits.

Securely Access Your Printers From Anywhere

Printerpoint Connect is a secure and simple way to remotely view the web page of a printer at your customer’s site. It’s just like you’re there in person. This new feature within Printerpoint allows you to handle service issues, update firmware, configure settings, and more.

Minimize Time Onsite | Maximize Profits

Yes, there will be times when a tech needs to physically fix an issue in-person (that paper won’t unjam itself). But with Printerpoint Connect, they’ll know exactly what the issue is and what equipment to bring before arriving onsite.

Have any questions about Connect? Want to try it yourself?

Let us know. We’ll help you get everything set up.


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