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Using a Third Party to Ship Toner for Your MFPs?

If your small format MPS supplies are shipped straight from the manufacturer or another company, get your staff out of the mix.

Supply Requests Go Directly to Your Distributors

Now, Printerpoint alerts your supplies partner as soon as a printer needs toner – your employees don’t have to do a thing. Stop wasting time and money taking customer calls, forwarding automated MFP emails, and doing unnecessary work.

Here's How to Set It Up

In Printerpoint, head to My Account > Distributors and add your distributors’ contact details. You can choose which distributor to use for each printer at Workflows > Supplies.

Once you do this, supply requests flow right to the distributor instead of appearing in your employee’s to-do list or inbox.

And, FYI...

This isn’t just for small format toner – you can set up distributors for large format ink and media, if you are drop-shipping those supplies too!

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